Sal the Foot's Guide to Mob Wars - Sal the Foot's Toolbar for Mob Wars

Take Mob Wars to a whole new level! This toolbar allows you to attack with FORCE directly from your opponent's Mob Wars or Facebook profile, heal, switch back and forth between a players Mob Wars profile and their Facebook profile (all with the same button), email someone from their MW profile, add a FB friend to your mob, remove someone from your mob, fast rig, do ANY job in ANY increment, add multiple skill points at a time, and MUCH MORE!

Mob Wars developers recommend this toolbar!

Check out the awesome shout out to this toolbar from the Mob Wars devs on the official Mob Wars page! Please post a comment there thanking them for recommending it. Thanks!


Installs in seconds. Includes Uninstaller.
- No Spyware; secure, safe, and private.
- Help & Troubleshooting.
- Terms of Service.

Firefox Chrome Internet Explorer System Requirements:
Windows, Mac, Linux

Updated daily.

The tools included are NOT cheats. They put together commonly used URLs that anyone can access. The tools do not do anything you can't do without them. AND, they do nothing repetatively.

Were you looking for the *Official* Mob Wars Toolbar? This is NOT it. You can find it HERE. I'm told it still offers a free Godfather point every day when you do enough searchs.


Facebook changed their code on profile pages. It used to be that when you were on a person's profile, using many of the toolbar buttons found their id number then completed the expected function. However, we're now seeing this error from valid profile pages. I don't know if there's a way around this. DISCUSS HERE.

NOTE: This is NOT a Mob Wars issue. Please do not contact them about this!

Do not waste your time reinstalling or trying other workarounds. There is nothing you as a user can do about this.

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